Register an Extended Protection Plan is the link for the customers of Home Depot to register their extended protection plan. The plan is a protection program of Home Depot allowing customers to take advantage of more attention and accessibility especially when it comes to product warranty and replacement.

Customers will be able to register their extended protection plans at so they could transact with the company in the most convenient way possible. Signing up for an account is so easy and customers must have their receipt ready since there are information on the receipt that they need to key-in.

All about the Company

The company sells a wide variety of products, such as supplies for construction and home improvement. The company, which started in 1978, is established in the US. Right now, they have more than 2,000 locations spread all over the US and on some other countries all over the world. Their international stores can be found on Canada, China, Mexico, as well as in the United Kingdom. Right now, Home Depot is one of the biggest home improvement stores all over the United States and in order to provide outstanding services to their growing number of consumers, they came up with

Step By Step Process of Registering an Extended Protection Plan

As mentioned previously, you must have your receipt from Home Depot in order to be able to register an account at the web portal. Since it has to be done online, then you should make use of a computer that is connected to the Internet. So here are the steps:

• First of all, visit the website at
• You need to key-in the exact time when you have purchased the products and supplies from Home Depot and this information can be found on your receipt.
• Click on the link that says “Register Your Plan”
• Choose “Register Here” and provide your name, address, email address, phone number as well as your zip code on the required field.
• Choose the country where you live from the list and then hit “Submit”.
• Follow the rest of the steps to finish the process of registration.

If you register your extended protection plan at, you will be able to enjoy more coverage and save some money. As soon as you are registered, you will be able to enjoy a hundred percent coverage on parts and labor and the great thing is that you will not be asked to pay for any service fees at all.