Search and Book Hotels

If you are a traveler who is always on the search for the best deals of hotel accommodations online, then you must have come across The site has more than 150,000 hotels spread in more than 60 countries that offer accommodations to all types of travelers all over the world.

When using the site, you will be given two options to book. First is through the Internet and another is over the phone. The most convenient way and the most preferred method of booking an accommodation at is through the Internet.

All about is popular among travelers who are looking for any kind of accommodation, whether it is a budget accommodation, a bed & breakfast, a cozy hotel in the middle of the city, or perhaps, a luxurious beach hotel on some beach island. Whatever kind of accommodation you need, you will certainly find it at

Currently, operates 85 different websites that are accessible in 34 different languages. The company was founded in the year 1991 and the number of hotels listed on the site has now reached more than 145,000 and were spread on 19,000 locations all over the world.

Step By Step Process of Searching and Booking a Hotel Room at

If you prefer the most convenient method of searching for a hotel, which is over the Internet, then be ready with your computer that is connected to the Internet. Also, make sure that you have your credit card information read y since you need this on the payment section. So here are the steps to follow:

• First of all, you need to visit the website by going to
• Provide the details of your travel destination such as the date and the number of days. At the same time, you must also provide the details on the number of rooms you need and the number of adults or children that will be staying in the room.
• Click on “Search” after you are done entering the information needed.
• You will then be provided a list of hotels, so make your selection and click on “Book Now”
• Enter your payment details and you are booked.

Things to Remember

After you book a hotel at, you will receive a confirmation from the website along with a travel voucher as a proof of your booking. Make sure to print such voucher because you will need to present that at the hotel during your stay.