Online Customer Care Portal of Capital One

If you have concerns about your account with Capital One, is where you should go to. As soon as you click on the link, you will be brought to a page that will ask you to key-in your account number and zip code.

Your Information is Safe

This is actually a secure site so you should not worry about providing your account number. If you have security concerns about the site, you can click on the Privacy/Security link that is found at the bottom of the page.

What Are the Things That You Can Do At

• Pay your bills online

By accessing the online customer care portal, customers of Capital One would be able to pay their bills online. This is definitely a convenient way to pay your bills because the link is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• View your statement online

Another privilege available for you on the site is to view your billing statement in a PDF format. This allows you to keep track of your transactions in real time. But for those who file their statements, they don’t have to worry because they will still be receiving paper statements in the mail even if they already have access to their statements at

• Receive email alerts about your account

If you log in to the online customer care page, you will be given an option to sign up for email alerts.

• View account balance, amount due and due dates

Aside from paying bills and viewing your statement, you also get to view your account balance, account amount dues as well as due dates on the online customer care portal of Capital One.

• View recent transaction history also allows you to view your recent transactions. It is real time so all your transactions within the day should reflect on your account online.

What are those Links that You will Find At the Bottom of the Site?

• Privacy/Security

Private/Security is what you need to click if you want to know how Capital One takes care of your personal information. This is where you should go to if you want to ensure that the website is safe and secure.

• Website Terms and Conditions

This link contains all the terms and conditions concerning the use of A lot of people would not bother checking this, but this is actually important especially if you are signing up for an account on a certain site.

• Accessibility

The accessibility link contains information about Capital One’s commitment to providing reasonable services to persons with disabilities. This page also contains the number to call if you need further assistance concerning accessibility issues.

• Request Agreements

If you want to request cardholder agreements of the various retail cards of Capital One, this is the link that you should go to. All the files can be viewed in a PDF format.

• Help

If you need more assistance about browsing or any other concerns regarding your Capital One account, the help button is what you should click.