www.htsurvey.com –Evaluating Harris Teeter Customers’ Level of Satisfaction

You certainly have heard a lot about Harris Teeter, one of the biggest grocery chains in the United States. If you are an avid customer, you might have received a survey invitation from Harris Teeter which would take you to www.htsurvey.com. This is actually the company’s way of evaluating their customer’s level of satisfaction. This way, they will know if they are doing their jobs well or if they need to do something in order to improve their customer service because poor customer service could mean an advantage to their competitors.

First time visitors may have an overwhelming time browsing the site. The following are the most important information that you should check out.

Welcome Page

The moment you click on the www.htsurvey.com link, you will be taken to a page that welcomes you to the Harris Teeter Customer Satisfaction Survey. On this page, you will also find an image of the company, as well as a message from the company’s president, Fred Morganthall.

The President talks about how the company is working hard in order to give excellent customer service to their customers as well as provide high quality products at a good price. Furthermore, he stresses the importance of the customers’ feedback which helps the company in achieving their goals, while enhancing the customers’ shopping experiences at the same time.

Official Rules

Aside from finding out their customers’ level of satisfaction, Harris Teeter created www.htsurvey.com for a monthly drawing which would entitle customers to win $500 worth of groceries. So at the bottom of the welcome page, you will find the drawing’s official rules. When you click on it, you will be taken to a file entitled “Harris Teeter Guest Satisfaction Sweepstakes”. A lot of customers often overlook this, but it is recommended to read the rules. In fact, it is stated on the rules that there are two ways of joining the drawing:

• Harris Teeter receipt – The first one requires you to visit www.htsurvey.com where you need to key-in the survey entry code that will be found on your receipt from Harry Teeter. You will know when you qualify for the drawing because there will be a message on the receipt that says you have been selected to complete a survey regarding your Harry Teeter experience and you will be asked to go to www.htsurvey.com to answer the survey.

• By mail – Another way to join the drawing is by sending in your name, age, address and phone number on a piece of paper. If you have an email address, you can include it as well. After that, send it to the company’s address at 701 Crestdale Road in Matthews, North Carolina 28105.

Sweepstakes Winners

Another link that you will find at the bottom of www.htsurvey.com is the link that lists down the sweepstakes winners. If you click on this, you will be redirected to a site that features the Customer Service Survey winners of Harry Teeter. This page also takes you to the official website where you can browse through the store’s weekly specials, promotions and many more. So check out the Harry Teeter store near you and see if you still have a chance to join the drawing.