Check India’s Train Schedule is Indian Railway’s passenger reservation online service. The website allows passengers to check their PNR status, inquire for any seat availability, as well as find out the current train fares. The online service is definitely very convenient to use and passengers won’t need to go to the nearest railway station just to inquire the seat availability and fare.
The best thing of all is that using is free and that all the information that you will need regarding your train journey are all accessible there. Not only will it save you a lot of time, but it will save you from all the hassles of having to queue up in the train station. With this online service, all you need is a reliable computer that is connected to the Internet and you can obtain the information that you need even right in the comfort of your own home.

All about the Indian Railways

As mentioned previously, the Indian Railways is the company behind The company was established in April 1853 and is a government owned corporation that is being managed by the Indian Ministry of Railways. The company offers various services to all train commuters in India and is said to carry millions of passengers each day and tons of goods to be transported across the country. Thus, the Indian Railways plays a significant role in India’s economy and serves almost all the major cities and regions all over the country. In order to assist the millions of train commuters in finding out information about the train service, the Indian Railways has set up

How to Check Your PNR Status through the Website

As mentioned above, one of the features of the website of the Indian Railways is that passengers can take advantage of is the checking of their PNR status. In case you didn’t know, PNR means Passenger Name Record. This record basically contains the entire route that the passenger has traveled to and from. Since this feature is an online service, then you must be connected to the Internet for you to be able to check your PNR status at You must also have your PNR number on hand as well.

Step By Step Procedure

• First of all, visit the website of the Indian Railways.
• Refer to the link that says “PNR status” which you will find on the top portion of the page.
• Key-in your PNR number on the box and click “get status” in order to obtain the information that you need.

So as you can see, checking your PNR Status at is just so easy. For more assistance, simply click on the FAQ section at the website.