Unemployment Benefits of The State of Maryland

If you are a recipient of the unemployment benefits of the state of Maryland, then you can simply check out www.mduibenefits.com to find out how to manage your debit cards online. Using the online system allows you to check your balance at anytime and anywhere and you can even change or update your account information on your own through your online account at www.mduibenefits.com.

www.mduibenefits.comViewing your Account Balance

To view your account balance, simply check out the website and refer to the login section which is located on the upper right hand section. Key in your username and password and then hit login.

If it is your first time using www.mduibenefits.com, then you must first register your card. To register, you will be asked to provide the number on your card as well as the security code. The security code is the number that is printed right at the back of your card, at the bottom portion of the signature panel of the card. You will also be asked to provide all other information as well as a user ID and a password which you will use to log in at www.mduibenefits.com.

All about the Maryland UI Benefits Card

The Maryland UI Benefits Card is actually a debit card that is issued by Citibank. That is why if you have any concerns about the card, you should call Citibank at 800-225-1115.

The benefits card is given to those who are a resident of Maryland and are receiving unemployment insurance benefits from the government. In order to help the card holder to easily manage the card and keep track of the transaction history, Citibank has set up the www.mduibenefits.com. Through this web portal, card holders of the Maryland UI Benefits Card will be able to check their balance and change their bank account information at any time they want to, for as long as they have an Internet connection.

How Does the Card Work?

If you are entitled to receive jobless insurance benefits from the state of Maryland, then you will be given the Maryland UI Benefits Card because this is where you will withdraw the funds that you will receive from the government. All the repayments that you are bound to receive will be transferred to the card.

Aside from withdrawing the money, you also have the option to use the card at several stores and merchants and this is why www.mduibenefits.com was set up so that the user would be able to keep track of the transactions that were made on the card.

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