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www.My.HRW.com is a website that focuses on educational materials for students and teachers and this includes textbooks and educational magazines. The parent company of this website is Holt McDougal and this website offers all kinds of materials that help children succeed academically. When you visit the website, you will find books on subjects such as English, mathematics, science and social studies. The books are also affordable and are available to many people.

Literature Books

Here are some of the literature books you will find at Holt McDougal. One book is Arp, Perrine’s Story and Structure: An Introduction to Fiction. This book teaches students how to analyze, write and understand fiction and has been used in classrooms for many years. This book also comes with essays from noted writers. Another book is Art of The Short Story and this helps you produce well-written short stories.


Social Studies

www.My.HRW.com also carries a nice selection of social studies books. Voices of the American Past is a compilation of chapters which pertain to everything from America’s colonial history to the present. When you purchase this and other social studies books, you can teach them what they need to about this country’s history. In addition, you can use this book to create assignments so that the children can have hands-on experience in learning this subject.

This company also has plenty of foreign language books for students to choose from and this is beneficial because we live in a diverse society and it is important for students to learn more about other cultures and the languages that are spoken in those cultures. You will a find a few Spanish-language books around and you will find books about the French language, German language, Italian language and Arabic language.

Do not look for many discounts on www.My.HRW.com because they usually sell the books at regular prices. If you are a teacher you may get a percentage of the regular price off when you purchase the books. But even with this reality the books do not cost a lot of money. You can buy the books in bulk if you come across any discounts because this keeps you from having to buy books every few months.

Registering With The Website

Another way to get good resources is by registering with the website. When you do this you will find free educational resources that you can print out for use in the classroom. Students can also register with the website so that they can follow along with you as you present the material in class. Students can practice certain skills and they are also able to read some of the free materials to build their comprehension.

www.My.HRW.com is also a good tool for tutors because they will be able to order books and pamphlets so they can go over this with the children they tutor. The materials on this website are also great for parents because they would supplement the classroom assignments.

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