Manage and Check your Argos Card

U.K and Ireland-based catalogue merchant Argos is the largest general goods retailer in the U.K. This is why customers are excited to know that they offer their customers the Argos card. These cardholders only need to access to manage and check their online account.

On the web site’s homepage, it would ask you to first sign in to your account or if you are not yet registered then you can also find the “Register” button on that page and register for an online account. At the bottom of the homepage, you will see the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and FAQs.

The “Sign In” portion would let the user log in into their account just by entering their Login ID and surname. If ever the user will forget their ID, there is a “Forgotten your Login ID” link that they can click on just below the “Surname” field. In the next paragraph, let’s check out the other sections at the bottom of the homepage.

Important Facts Every Argos Cardholder Should Know

The Privacy Policy section discusses about how the cardholder’s personal information will be used by the site like in marketing (selecting products that may be of interest to the cardholder). It also includes an explanation about the disclosure of the cardholder’s information to other companies in the group, employees and agents of the group, etc.

It also explains about the “Cookies” used by the site, “Security” for the cardholder and a “General” portion. The Terms and Conditions section generally discusses about the terms of using the site. Finally, the FAQs section features possible questions asked by the cardholder in regard to having an online account with

How to Register for an Online Account with Argos Card

• First, you need your Argos card and your statement or the carrier that the card arrived on.
• Then, go to
• On the homepage, you will find the “Not registered yet?” portion and click on “Register”.
• There are two steps needed to complete the registration. Go ahead and fill-out the required information and after that, you will then have an online account with the Argos card. Registering takes a couple of minutes to complete.

The website is quite simple to navigate. To start using it, you just need to sign in to your account and that is it! Having this web site for Argos cardholders makes their lives even easier because they can check their statements online and if they have further inquiries, they can call the customer service team at