Barclay Card Holders Should Sign Up for an Account is the link to the website for the online account services of the holders of the Barclaycard. All cardholders can access the site and enjoy the online services there. Among these services is the option to manage and view their account online. But before they can make use of the site, cardholders are required to register at by providing their card details as well as their contact information.

All about the Barclaycard

The Barclaycard is one of the biggest issuers of credit cards all over Europe. The company was established in the year 1996 and is owned by the Barclays PLC, a popular British company that specializes on banking as well as financial services. The company is being traded publicly in the Stock Exchange of London and New York and they are headquartered in Northampton, England.

Barclaycard is said to operate in more than sixty countries worldwide and has more than twenty million customers and growing. In order to provide their customers with the best facilities, they came up with

Step By Step Process of Registering at Mybarclaycard

Since the account services facility of Barclaycard is online, then you will need to make use of a computer that is connected to the Internet before you can register for an account at You should also have some information handy, such as your card number, the security code of your card, expiration date, your credit card’s credit limit, birth date, as well as your contact details. You are also required to provide an email address as well as your mobile phone number. So here’s how to register:

• First of all, visit the homepage of the website by logging on to
• Look for the link that says “Register Now” and click on it. This is often found on the lower right hand corner of the website.
• Provide your card details, including your contact details and other information on the required fields.
• Set up the security details and generate a username, password, memorable word and a memorable word reminder.
• Browse through the terms & conditions and if you agree, click the button that says “Register Now”.

After you sign up for an account at, you will then be able to start managing your account with Barclaycard online. This is a safe and convenient facility so there is really no need to worry about using the site. With this facility, cardholders will have the option to view their statements and transaction history, and many more.