www.myqwest.com Login – access their email account

The www.myqwest.com login link is the login section of users of myqwest.com. On this section of the site, subscribers of Century Link will be able to log in and access their email account as well as take advantage of the various online facilities exclusive only to them. For those who have not heard of Century Link yet, it is a leading high speed Internet provider in the US, and the company provides services for phone and television as well as home residences and big and small companies.

www.myqwest.com Login

Create Account

Right below the www.myqwest.com login section, you will find a link that says “Create Account”. If you click on this link, you will be taken to another page that will tell you about the email features that you can take advantage of for free in case you decide to sign up.

Your email address will end in @centurylink.net, which you will also be using as username on the www.myqwest.com login section every time you log in. The page will also tell you what Internet Portal is all about, which is a customized portal and a source of services and information that includes local and national news, entertainment, sports and access to an email account. You will have to click “next” in order to start creating an account.

Chat For Help

Another link that you will find below the login area of the website is the option that says “Chat for Help”. When you click on the link, a new page will pop up, which will ask you to key-in your zip code. This is for them to recognize where you are from. Afterwards, you will be askd for some information regarding your concern and then a customer care agent will be available to chat with you

Forgot Password

Right below the www.myqwest.com login section, you will find another link that says “Forgot Password”, which is beside the Create Account and Chat for Help buttons. This link will take you to a page that will ask you for your 10-digit billing phone number, your email address, and a security code. After providing the information, you will have to click next to reset your password.

The www.myqwest.com login section is found on the upper right hand corner of the myqwest.com homepage. It is right below the My Account, Help and Email tabs. Right beside the login page is a link that says Customize Page, but before you can make use of this page, you will need to log in first.