www.myworkliferewards.com::the Office Depot’s Worklife Rewards program

www.myworkliferewards.com is the Internet portal for members of the Office Depot’s Worklife Rewards program. They use the website to update their member profile, receive rewards certificate, verify identity, track and redeem reward points, and many more. Read on to find out what you can see on the website.

How It Works

One of the very first things that you will find in the homepage of www.myworkliferewards.com is the word “How It Works”. This basically talks about everything regarding the Rewards Program, including the benefits and opportunities that you could gain by becoming a member. The following are what you will find on the “How It Works” section:

• Bonus Rewards Opportunities
• Ink and Toner Recycling
• Online Rewards
• Rewards
• Unlimited Rewards

Learn More about Member Benefits

On the left hand corner of the homepage, you will find links under the “learn more about member benefits.” This section is dedicated for the members. It talks about the benefits and special privileges that they could earn for being part of the Worklife Rewards program. This is also where they could refer to if they need to log in to www.myworkliferewards.com and access their profile.

Non-members who are interested on becoming a part of the Rewards Program can also refer to this side of the page and click on “join today”. Here are the links found under this section:

• Home/Log In
• Join Today
• My Special Offers
• Smart Services

Customer Service

For issues and concerns that need support and assistance from the people behind Office Depot’s Worklife Rewards program, members and non-members can refer to the customer service section that is found on the left side of the homepage, just underneath the “learn more about member benefits” section. This is also where one could refer to if in case they have questions about navigating through the www.myworkliferewards.com. Under Customer Service, one can find these links:

• Contact Us
• Privacy Policy
• Terms and Conditions
• Terms of Use

Office Supplies

This section is found on the top most portion of the page. It is the very first tab found on the left hand corner of the site. If you click on this link, you will be taken to Office Depot’s official website, where you can shop for office supplies, paper, ink and toner, etc. Another alternative rather than going to this page is by clicking the “Shop Now” button which you can find on the very top of www.myworkliferewards.com.


Right beside the Office Supplies is Technology. This link goes to the Office Depot website as well, where you will be able to browse through a gallery of devices, gadgets, electronics and other technology related equipment sold by Office Depot.


Just like with Office Supplies and Technology, clicking on the Furniture tab will also take you to Office Depot’s website as well. Here, you can shop from a wide range of office furniture and accessories.

Our Services

Our Services is the last tab found on top of the home page of www.myworkliferewards.com. If you want to find out about the services that Office Depot offers, you should go to this link.