Register and Enjoy Utmost Convenience – NS&I is the website of NS&I, and in order for customers to be able to make use of the site, they will be asked to register for an account first. There are two ways to register on the site. Whenever the customers would purchase premium bonds online or over the phone, NS&I will register them for such online service. But if you do not want to buy more bonds yet, you can simply download a form online and then fill it out. You will then send it to NS&I through the post in order to be registered at

About NS&I

NS&I is the abbreviation for National Savings and Investments. Those who are into stock trading are certainly familiar with this bank. The bank is currently based in the UK and is formerly called as the Post Office Savings Bank. They started their operation in the year 1861 and they offer several different banking services including investment products.
NS&I specializes in tax free and income generating products. All of their savings as well as investment products are a hundred percent back by the HM Treasury. Among the most popular products that they have is the premium bonds and customers who avail of these bonds can take advantage of some online services at

Step by Step Process to Register and Use the Online Services

In order to register, you should be an NS&I customer and thus, you must have your NS&I account information ready. Since the registration is done online, then you will need to use of a computer that is connected to the Internet. So here are the steps to register:

• First of all, visit the website by typing in
• Click on the link that says “Register for the online service.”
• Choose the option that says “Download the online and phone service registration form”
• Print the form and fill it out, then mail it to NS&I.
• Those who will encounter problems along the way could refer to the FAQ section of

By registering at, you will be able to conveniently manage your premium bonds, including your Direct Saver and Direct ISA accounts with NS&I. Since it is done online, then you can log in to it at anytime you want to, for as long as you have an Internet connection. You can even pay money in and take the money out at, check balances, review transaction history, and many more.