www.onlinecci.com login : login portal of the students of Corinthian Colleges Inc

The www.onlinecci.com login link is the login portal of the students of Corinthian Colleges Inc. who are taking online classes. As soon as the students click on this link, they will be asked to key-in their user ID and password. The Everest Student Portal username is actually the same as their user ID and in the event that they have forgotten their username, they will be asked to call the Helpdesk at 1-888-579-0191 or access the http://247support.custhelp.com/ link.

www.onlinecci.com login

Log-in Problems

For those who have problems logging in, they should click on the link below the www.onlinecci.com login page that says “Forgot your Password/User ID? Click here.” As soon as they click on this link, they will be taken to another page which will inform them of the possible problems that they might have encountered:

• First, they will be asked to verify if they are using the proper login credentials.
• Next, they will be informed that the login information are case sensitive, so if they remembered keying in their password in lower case or caps, then they should log in in the same way it was entered on the system.
• They will also be informed to enable the cookies of the browser of their computer for them to be able to log in successfully.
• And finally, the students will be asked to contact their school administrator if they really cannot figure out what user ID to use in logging in at the www.onlinecci.com login.

Resetting the Password

In resetting the password, you will be asked by the system to key-in your user ID. After you enter your user ID, you will then click on the “Request Password Reset” and you should then be able to reset your password.

Need More Help Signing In

If after all the instructions above, you still cannot get past the www.onlinecci.com login link, either because of invalid login credentials or other login related problems, you will have to click on the link that says “need additional help signing in?”. This will then take you to another page that will inform you about the Support Portal. On this support portal, you will need to answer some basic questions provided, you can also send an email to the Helpdesk support through this portal, and there is also a chat tab that you can use in order to communicate with any available helpdesk technician that can help you to successfully log in

at the www.onlinecci.com login link.