Pay Your Orchard Bank Credit Card Online

if you have an Orchard Bank credit card, you must know that managing payments on your credit card can be very convenient, if you chose to opt for free online banking, available at pay bill. Below, we have explained the conveniences offered in more detail.

How do you pay your Orchard Bank credit card online?

First of all, you must know that Orchard Bank credit cards can be paid with up to three accounts, electronically. If you are cash strapped and have a little bit of money in your savings, in your checking and maybe a friend’s checking account, you can combine all three to pay off your credit card dues, after linking the three accounts to your Orchard Bank credit card.

Another very useful is that you can set up either a recurring payment or a one-time payment. If you are going to be paying your credit card with one time payments, the onus is on you to make sure that you remember to login on time and pay off your card.

If you are confident that your savings or checking account will have enough money to pay off a credit card every month, you can use the recurring payment to automatically pay off the credit card on a certain date, without doing anything.

Orchard bank even gives you a date validating calendar setup, to schedule your recurring payments intelligently, so payments don’t fall on weekends or national holidays.

Managing your account online

Another great reason for you to set up an online account is to manage your Orchard Bank credit card online, without having to receive paper statements in the mail. Sometimes, when you miss picking up your mail or when a family member throws out your credit card bills, thinking that it is not important, you will forget that you have a payment due and not pay off your credit card on time, leading to late fees and maybe even a hike in interest rates.

With e-statements however, you can receive your credit card statements in the mail. More impressively, you can set up alerts that will have the system send you SMS alerts to your phone, informing you of payment due dates, minimum due etc.

How does one sign up for an Orchard Bank credit card account online?

If you want to sign up with Orchard Bank’s online account management systems, to take advantage of features such as pay bill, all you have to do is use the identification number provided in the welcome letter that you received, when you first received your Orchard Bank credit card in the mail. The site will walk you through the registration process that usually takes just about 10 minutes at the most.

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