www.poweruprewards.com::for GameStop PowerUp Rewards Members

www.poweruprewards.com is the website for members of PowerUp Rewards, a Rewards Program of GameStop, one of the leading video game and entertainment software retailers in the United States.

Why Members Should Check This Out

The website is where members would refer to when it comes to activating their membership cards. Members cannot redeem their points if they don’t go to this site and activate their cards. If you are a holder of the GameStop PowerUp card, read on to find out more about www.poweruprewards.com.

Four Main Sections of the Website

You will find four main sections in the website and all these are found on the topmost portion of the homepage. They are the Home, Benefits, FAQs and Activate.


The homepage is the very first page that you will find right after you pull up www.poweruprewards.com. This page also features the latest offers that members can take advantage of. If you need to know more details about each of these offers, simply click on the ads and you will be taken to a page that talks about the rules, qualifications, mechanics and all other information about a certain promo.

Right below the homepage are the different categories of the member’s benefits, rewards, privileges, etc., which are divided into these sections – Epic Reward, Catalog, Trade-ins, Double Points, Special Offers. Simply click on the box to find out more.


Basically, this section of www.poweruprewards.com talks about the benefits that a PowerUp Rewards Club member could earn. This section also discusses about how the program works, how you can earn your rewards points as well as how you can use your points. Right below the page, you will find the two types of Memberships, Basic and Pro Membership, as well as the differences between the two. At the very bottom of the page, you will see instructions on how you can join if you are not a member of the program yet.


If you have questions that were not addressed on the Benefits page or on the Home page, you can refer to the FAQs and browse through the different topics discussed there. You might find the answers to your questions or concerns on this section of www.poweruprewards.com. The topics on the FAQs section are divided into five sections – questions regarding Memberships, about PowerUp Rewards Pro Membership, concerns on the Scoring Points, process of earning and getting Rewards as well as Account Activity.


When it comes to activating the card, this is where you should directly go to right after accessing www.poweruprewards.com. Before you activate the card, you will be asked to sign up a new account on the website. To register, you will have to enter your email address and generate a new password. Afterwards, type in the security code and click on “Submit and Continue”. For those who have already registered before, all they need to do is to click on “Log-in and Continue”.

An Easy to Use Website

www.poweruprewards.com is so easy to use. Everything is clear and the process of activating the card is pretty straightforward. If there are other concerns that are not addressed on the FAQs section, all you need to do is click on “Contact Us” right at the bottom of the page.