www.proxyvote.com – using online voting system

www.proxyvote.com allows web users to cast a vote via the Internet instead of the usual mail or telephone voting, and other means of manual voting. By using this online voting system, you are assured that your vote will be counted.


What will You Find on the Website?

As soon as you access www.proxyvote.com, you will immediately be taken to a page that will provide you some information on how you could make use of the online voting system. On top of the page, you will find some details on how you can make use of the website.

• First, companies would need to submit voting instructions for the proxy of their website.

• After that, you will be able to view the electronic version of the voting materials that were submitted on the site.

• Next, you will need to sign up in order to receive shareholder materials on your email.

• www.proxyvote.com also allows you to request for some voting materials for the proxy vote if ever you will receive a Notice of Internet Availability.

How to Get Started

On the homepage itself, it is clearly indicated that it is just so easy to get started on using the website. All you need to do is to key in the 12-digit number on the box provided on the homepage. Such number can be found on the notification that you will receive in your email, mail, or any other means of notification. Recipients of the proxy card and vote instruction form will be able to find the 12-digit control number on the area that is labeled “control number”. Use this number to key in at www.proxyvote.com and start voting. Those who received email notifications will find the number in the section on the email that is labeled “control number”. For those who received a notice of Internet availability notification, the control number can be found on the box that is indicated by an arrow.


Investors or shareholders are the number one users of www.proxyvote.com. Both Canadian and US investors can access the online voting system to vote their shares. US-based investors can click on a link on the website for some information to assist them in voting their shares. All they need to do is to click on the link found at the bottom section of the www.proxyvote.com homepage. There is also a link available to help you understand SEC’s proxy voting. The education site for Canadian investors is not available as of yet.

Visit ProxyVote : www.proxyvote.com