High-quality Sporting Goods and Outdoor Recreation Gear

Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) is an American retail company that is organized as a consumers’ cooperative and sells high-quality sporting goods and outdoor recreation gear. The website, www.rei.com, offers all your sporting and outdoor needs. The website’s main page gives you a glimpse of a few of the products that they offer.

They also feature the current deals and stuff that’s hot on the market. All of the important stuffs are found on the homepage and it’s just a click away to what you need. The site, www.rei.com, is divided into seven sub-categories; Shop REI, Shop REI-outlet, Travel with REI, Learn, Share, Membership and Stewardship.

A Glance at their Website

The default page that you will see on the homepage is Shop REI. They grouped the goods according to the type of outdoor activity, sport, brand, etc. The Shop REI-outlet tab still features the products by categories but they included the current deals available.

The Travel with REI offers adventure travel trips organized by REI. Under the Learn tab, www.rei.com offers adventure classes to beginners and seasoned adventurers alike. The Share tab lets the company and its members share their adventure stories, photos, advices and even cool stuff!

The Membership section gives information about membership benefits, photos, dividend information, etc. Finally, the Stewardship section encourages REI’s members about caring for nature through volunteering in the community, doing responsible business practices and the likes.

How to Register for an Account with REI

You can shop online without an account but if you register for one, you will be able to view your order history and make checkouts faster when you shop. Here are the steps:

• First, go their website, www.rei.com.
• Next, click on the “Register” link found at the upper left part of the screen.
• It will take you to the “Create a New REI Online Account” page and fill-out the required information and then hit on the “submit” button.
• After that, you are all set and you can start shopping.

REI offers a wide variety of sporting goods, outdoor gears, adventure trips and classes, membership and stewardship. Everything that you need can be accessed through www.rei.com. Almost all of your favorite brands are offered in this one-stop online shop. Besides shopping online, you can book adventure tours, learn about the outdoors through their outdoor school (include contact email if you would like to inquire about enrolling), become a member of REI and a steward to the environment. By visiting www.rei.com, you can see the whole outdoor world compressed in just one website.