Join the Consumer Survey of Ruby Tuesday is the link to the customer feedback survey of the Ruby Tuesday. This survey is web based and is made of a feedback questionnaire that is conducted by the Ruby Tuesday in order to determine how their customers feel about the services that they provide them, including the quality of their food products. Ruby Tuesdays certainly values the feedback that you will provide at and not only that, the company will even offer a $3 discount to all those who will join the survey.

All about the Ruby Tuesday

The Ruby Tuesday is an international food service company that is based in the US. The company was established in the year 1972 and right now, they now have more than 850 locations all over the world. The company also owns several subsidiaries, such as the Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, Marlin and Ray’s Seafood and Sunsets, and the Wok Hay. This makes the company one of the most popular names in the industry.

The company continues to expand within the United States and in the international market as well. In order to help improve the quality of their foods and their services, the online survey which customers can answer at was set up.

Step By Step Process of Answering the Survey of Ruby Tuesday Online

Remember that the survey is conducted over the Internet, so you should use a computer that has Internet access in order to answer the survey. You also need to have the receipt of your latest visit at the restaurant since you need to provide some details coming from it. Here are the steps to follow:

• Visit the website at
• Choose your preferred language, whether Spanish or English.
• Click the link that says “begin survey in English.”
• Choose the button that says “continue”.
• Provide the access code which you will find right at the receipt and click the continue button.
• Follow the rest of the instructions until such time that you will be done in answering the survey.

By answering the survey of Ruby Tuesday at, you will be able to help Ruby Tuesday in improving their quality of their foods and services. As a result, you will have a more pleasant dining experience the next time you dine at the restaurant. Furthermore, by answering the survey at, you will get a code which entitles you to a $3 discount on your next visit.