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RushCard is a very popular prepaid credit card that can be used anywhere in the world. Unlike traditional credit cards, there is no interest fees associated with this card and there are no account maintenance fees either. RushCard also comes with many benefits, as explained below. If you are interested in applying for a RushCard, please visit www.rushcard.com.


How can one add money to RushCard?

There are several ways in which one can add money to their RushCard. The most convenient and effective way to add money is to avail the direct deposit transfer into the card, which will conveniently transfer a person’s paycheck into the card. If a person needs cash, they can always use the RushCard like an ATM card, to withdraw cash that they need. The rest of the funds will stay on the prepaid credit card, available for electronic use at millions of merchants all around the world, and on the web as well.

One can also use MoneyGram and Western Union to make cash transfers into their RushCard. One can also buy a MoneyPak, at a store like Walmart, to then add on the funds to their credit card.

RushCard also accepts payments via PayPal, check, money order, bank transfer and even through tax refunds. More about tax refunds below.

Tax refunds are made easier with RushCard

RushCard has a convenient option that will allow you to receive your tax refund straight into your RushCard. Generally, one will have to wait for a paper check in the mail, when they get their tax refund. With RushCard’s automatic tax refund collect feature, the process is instantaneous and automatic.

Online access to your RushCard

RushCard account holders can access their account online. When they login to their account, they will be able to see past transactions, their balance and also past months’ statements. Online account access will also allow customers to pay bills at select vendors that accept electronic payments from a credit card. You can also transfer funds from one RushCard account to another RushCard account, if you have a family member or friend who also has a RushCard and is in need of money.

RushGoals program

RushCard comes with a RushGoals program that allows card holders to earn reward points, every time they use their RushCard. These reward points can be redeemed at select vendors that will be mentioned at www.rushcard.com.

To apply, activate or access your RushCard account, please visit www.rushcard.com, the official home page of RushCard.