Answer the Sears Home Services Survey is the link to the survey conducted by the Sears Home Services in order to measure their customer’s satisfaction. This is their way of finding out how their customers feel about the services that they offer to them. So anyone who shops at the Sears Home Services can join the survey at They just need to have that receipt from their last trip to the store since there are some details from the receipt which they need to enter on the website.

All about the Sears Home Services

Sears Home Services is a US-based company that focuses on helping people to improve their home by providing repairs and installation services on electronics, home appliances, cooling, heating and ventilation, and many more. Furthermore, the company also helps customers to have a cleaner home and they are said to also provide several different kinds of improvement services for homes, such as room remodeling, window and door replacement, installation of countertop and many more.

In order to help them improve the quality of the services they provide, they came up with a consumer survey that can be accessible at

Step By Step Process of Joining the Sears Home Services Survey

First of all, you should have a computer that has an access to the Internet in order to answer the survey. You should also have your latest receipt handy, since you need to key-in the receipt details, such as the Sears store number, service order number, as well as the date of the service completion. Here are the steps to guide you:

• Visit the homepage of survey by logging on to
• Provide your Sears store number, service order, as well as the date of the service completion, as stated on the website.
• Click on the button that says “Submit”.
• Answer the rest of the survey questions by following the rest of the instructions on the website.

By answering the survey at, customers will be able to express their satisfaction and dissatisfaction on the kind of services that they receive from the Sears Home Services. They can also share to the company what their shopping experiences are, which could somehow help the company to improve their quality of service. So join the survey at in order to help the Sears Home Service to improve and as a result, you will have a more enjoyable shopping experience the next time you visit the store.