What is SECU Credit Union for?

www.secumd.org is the official website of SECU, a nonprofit, member-owned cooperative that is based in Maryland, USA. Clients and members can use the website to be able to access their account and do banking transactions and take advantage of all the e-services of SECU. So read on to find out more information about the www.secumd.org website.


SECUMD Online Banking Login

The moment you type in the URL on your browser, you will automatically be taken to the login section of the website, where users and credit union members would need to key in their username and password. Basically, those who want to do online banking transactions with SECU will need to access www.secumd.org. On this section of the website, you will find the following:

• Forgot password – for users who cannot log in because they forgot their password.
• First time user – for users who have not signed up for an account yet and they want to do online banking transactions with SECU.
• Non-flash login – those who are using a browser that does not have the Flash plug-in would need to click on this link in order to access their account.

SECUMD Locations , Branches and  ATMS

Another important link that you will find at www.secumd.org is the “branches and ATMS” link, which is found right at the upper right hand corner of the website. On this link, you will be able to find information on where you will find the SECU branches as well as the Automated Teller Machines of SECU.

Visit at https://www.secumd.org/branches-atms.aspx

Open an Account

Those who still do not have an account with SECU will need to click on the “open an account” link which can be found at the www.secumd.org website. This link will take you to a new page that will provide illustrations on the various ways you can apply for an account. On this page, there are certain options that you need to click:

• New members
• Members with online banking account
• Members without online banking account
• Become a SECU member
• Open additional accounts
• Sign-up for online banking
• Credit cards

You will just basically choose which among these options you would want to have an account with.

About Us

Just like with most websites, the www.secumd.org has an “About Us” section which is also found on the upper right hand corner of the screen. This is basically what users will need to click if they want information about SECU, including the credit union’s history, as well as the wide range of products and services that they offer.

Secumd phone number

Contact Center : Baltimore 410-487-7328 , Toll Free 800-879-7328
Telephone Banking : Baltimore: 410-487-7930 , Toll Free: 888-643-9777
Fax : 410-487-7202

Secumd routing number : 255076753

Secumd mobile deposit faq at https://www.secumd.org/~/media/Mobile%20Deposit%20FAQs%20January%202012.ashx