Quench your Thirst with All-Natural Drinks

All that you need to know about Snapple’s products, history, promotions and the likes can be found in their official website, www.snapple.com. On the homepage, it gives you a bit of a sneak peek into each section, namely, the product section, promotions, real facts and history.

The “Products” section lists all of the current drinks available which includes pictures. Under the “Real Facts” section, Snapple posted a list of the interesting “facts” that they printed inside of their bottle caps. You even have an option to switch views in viewing the facts (cap or list view).

In the “Promotions” section, they feature the current promotion that they have which also includes FAQs and rules. Lastly, www.snapple.com has a “History” section which contains a brief history of how the product came to be.

About Snapple

Snapple is an American popular beverage brand that was established in 1972 and owned by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group which is based in Plano, Texas. You can visit their official web site at www.snapple.com. Formerly known as Unadulterated Food Products, it was a part-time thing and the company’s goal was to supply fruit juices to health stores. They were one of the first companies to produce beverages, specifically juices made from all-natural ingredients.

Step by Step Guide in Registering for an Account with Snapple

You can either register an account in www.snapple.com the traditional way (creating a username and password) or through your account in different social networking sites and email like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL, etc. By doing this, you can join their promotions and also receive communications from www.snapple.com by following this simple process:

• First, go to www.snapple.com.
• Once you are in the site, scroll down at the bottom part of the homepage and find the “Sign In/Register” link and click on it.
• After that, a pop-up window will appear, “Sign In”.
• You can either just “Sign In” using your Facebook, Twitter, AOL, etc. account or, go to the bottom part and click on “Create a Username and Password”.
• After that, just go ahead and fill out the information that the site requires from you and also agree to their terms and conditions and you are all set!

Customers can get a lot of information from www.snapple.com. It is not limited to their product line only, you can join promotions and win prizes and learn something new (not related to their products) through the “Real Facts” section which is like a trivia page. The site is user-friendly and visually enticing. The website design is simple but amazingly beautiful. It really tempts you especially under the “Products” section.