www.TellRoss.com :: fill out a survey and win two $500 gift cards to the Ross

Ross is a clothing store that offers high quality products at decent prices. Ross carries designer clothing at marked down prices and you can find locations in every city across the country. Ross does not carry many discounts since the prices are marked down already but if you go to www.TellRoss.com, you can fill out a survey and win two $500 gift cards to the store. Imagine getting two gift cards; this will boost your wardrobe greatly.

www.TellRoss.comTo fill out the survey, you need to enter the language along with some basic information on yourself and you will be directed to the survey.

When you fill out a survey, you will be able to voice your opinion on Ross’s clothing and suggest new ideas. For example, if you are pleased with the clothing selection but would like to see more perfumes and house wares, this is a good way to let the company know. If you want to suggest more designer men’s clothing at the stores, you can mention this in the survey. The company will look at your responses and possibly make changes.

www.TellRoss.com is a legitimate survey site but there are also fraudulent survey websites that claim to come from Ross but are not. If you get an e-mail from a survey website that leads you to a link that could lead you to Ross’s survey, do not click on the link because this may be a harmful website. Sometimes the website will resemble Ross’s logo so you will need to be careful.

Chances of Winning A Prize

When you fill out the survey and enter the contest, you want to keep in mind that the chances of winning the gift cards are slim as many people are entering the contest along with you. But if you win, you will be contacted my regular mail or e-mail. The fun thing about filling out the survey is having a slight hope that you will get the prize.

Shopping Tips for You

Here are some shopping tips for you if you just received gift cards. If you want summer clothes, it is best to shop for them during the end of summer clearance sales because you will already have your summer clothes for next year. You should always try on your clothes before purchasing them and do not buy clothes that are overly trendy but instead classy.

www.TellRoss.com is a survey website sponsored by Ross that allows you to voice your opinions on how well the company is doing and suggest creative ideas. When you fill out the survey you want to do it honestly and not in an overly critical way. For example, if you visited a store where the fitting rooms were messy, this does not mean that all Ross stores have this problem. Overall, Ross is a clothing store that has clothing for people of all ages and you can get it at great prices.