Subway is a restaurant that has delicious sub sandwiches and they also offer various types of these sandwiches. This restaurant also has discounts on the sandwiches and it is a popular place for people who want an alternative to traditional fast food places. If you had a pleasant or unpleasant experience at Subway, you want to visit www.TellSubway.com because you can make your opinion count. Here is how to complete the survey. When you go to the website, you enter the store location number and you will be led to the survey.


Fake Subway Surveys Abound

You want to beware of fake surveys that do not represent this restaurant. You may get fraudulent e-mails from online survey companies that claim to give you a legitimate link to www.TellSubway.com, but you should not do it because scam artists tend to trick you into linking to a website that has a virus or gimmicky online survey. If you do not trust the e-mail, delete it.

Benefits of This Survey

One benefit of this survey is that you get to voice your opinion on the services you receive from Subway. And the company officials who see your response may make changes based on your survey response. For example, if you feel that there is a lack of cleanliness in some of the restaurants you visited, the officials may take measures to create stricter standards regarding this issue.

Introduce New Ideas

When you fill out a survey, you are also able to introduce new ideas to the company. For example, if you feel that more of the restaurants should offer delivery service, the company may decide to introduce this service to more restaurants in your area. Or if you feel that that the company should open up more stores in rural areas, the company may consider it.

Be Fair In Your Comments

When you complete the survey at www.TellSubway.com, you want to be fair with your comments. You may have dealt with a rude clerk at a particular location but you should not assume that this is true of all clerks who work at the restaurants. Or if there was an incident where you received the wrong order, this is not indicative of all the stores.

Subway is a good place to get high quality sandwiches and you can keep it this way by completing a survey with www.TellSubway.com. The survey allows you to make your concerns and possibly influence the changes that the company could make in the future. This survey is not hard to complete and you will not be required to provide information that is unnecessary and illegal. Beware of fraudulent copy websites that look like www.TellSubway.com and give your comments in a fair fashion.

www.TellSubway.com is also fun because sometimes you may qualify for a free item and this may come in the form of a gift card, cash or coupons. This is great for teens who love to get free stuff.