Apply for your Unemployment Benefits : Texas Workforce Commission is the website of the Texas Workforce Commission. This body of the government provides unemployment benefits to the residents of Texas who just lost their job, provided that it was not their fault. The benefits would come from the employer’s unemployment insurance taxes as well as reimbursements and are not deducted on the wages of the employees. Qualified workers can simply check out their website at to apply for the unemployment benefits.

All about the Texas Workforce Commission

As mentioned, the Texas Workforce Commission is responsible for providing unemployment benefits to some workers in Texas who recently lost their job. This branch of the government of Texas is also responsible for handling issues related to workforce and their main goal is to help in strengthening the state of the economy in Texas.

The commission is also responsible for other functions such as developing the workforce, offering support services to some employees, as well as managing the unemployment benefits and the tax programs. All these information can be found on their website at

Step By Step Process of Applying for Unemployment Benefits at Texas Workforce Commission

You should be connected to the Internet to have access to the website of the Texas Workforce Commission and file your unemployment benefits. Also, you need to have the information of your last employer handy, including the type of job that you had and several other important details regarding your previous job. So here’s how to apply for the unemployment benefits:

• First of all, visit the website at
• Look for the link that says “Apply for Unemployment Benefits & Request Payment”. This is found under the “Job Seekers & Employees” section of the page.
• Choose “Apply for Benefits” and key-in your user ID and password.
• Those who have not registered on the website yet should click on the option to “sign up”.
• Follow the rest of the instructions stated on the website in order to apply for the unemployment benefits.

As soon as you are done applying for the unemployment benefits at, you will then be receiving your unemployment insurance. This money is what you will use to pull you through the hard times while you are still in the process of looking for another job. You can also check out if you need assistance on looking for available jobs within Texas because the Texas Workforce Commission can also help you on this aspect.