Optum Provider Express – United Health Group company

www.ubhonline.com is a website of Optum Provider Express. Optum is a United Health Group company and is one of the biggest behavioral healthcare companies all over the United States. The company is said to have offered services to almost 2,000 customers with about 40 million members across the nation.

The company is committed to providing excellent customer service to their diverse customer base, including several small businesses as well as Fortune 100 companies, public sectors, universities, as well as health plan providers. To find out more information about Optum Provider, simply check out www.ubhonline.com.

What will You Find on the Website?

When you visit the homepage of Optum Provider Express, you will find almost everything that you need about the company. Those who wanted to know about Optum should click on the “About Us” section on top, right beside the “Home” menu. Those who want to contact the company for some questions and other concerns must refer on the upper right hand section of www.ubhonline.com. Here, you will find a menu that says “Contact Us’ and this is beside “Our Network”.

How Can Customers Benefit on the Site?

Customers of Optum Provider can make use of several sections on the site. All they need to do is to refer to the “Transactions” section found on the right side of www.ubhonline.com, and here, they will be able to view their eligibility and benefits, authorize inquiry and request, claim entry, claim inquiry, and view their provider express and practice information.

What If I Want to become a Member?

Those who are interested to be a part of the Optum Provider can click on the “Join our Network” link that is found on the lower right hand corner of www.ubhonline.com. This is right below the “Quick Links” section, and in here, you will also find links on forms, clinician directory, CFE, alert, guidelines and policies, claim tips, and many more.

Aside from the things mentioned above, there are several other useful links that one can find at the homepage of www.ubhonline.com. On the upper section of the site, one could find the following menus: Clinical Resources, Tech Resources, Admin Resources, Training and Our Network. If you want to find something, yet you cannot see it anywhere on the homepage, you can refer to the search feature of www.ubhonline.com, which is found on the upper right hand corner. All you need to do is type in the keyword of the services that you need, and click “search”.