Search for Available Jobs – US Government’s listing of Federal jobs is the official website of the US Government’s listing of Federal jobs. Established by the US Office of Personnel Management, the website is where you will also be able to obtain important information regarding employment. The online system was set up by the Federal agencies in an effort to assist job seekers in conveniently seeking for jobs over the Internet. Moreover, was set up in order to provide notice to the public about any available Federal employment opportunities, which all citizens of the United States can take advantage of.

All about the US Office of Personnel Mgt

The US Office of Personnel Mgt is the agency that is behind It is an independent US federal agency that is responsible in managing the civil service division of the Federal Government. The agency was established in the year 1979 as a replacement of the US Civil Service Commission. The agency is in charge in recruiting employees as well as honoring the force which serves the citizens of the United States. In order to further assist the public, they came up with the web facility which is accessible at

Step By Step Process of Looking for Available Jobs Using USAJOBS Advanced Search

One of the most commonly used services of the web facility is the search feature for available jobs. But before you can make use of these services, you must make use of a computer that has Internet access. The process is simple. But if you need assistance, then refer to the steps below:

• Log on to
• Click on the link that says “advanced search” and this is visible on the homepage of the site.
• Choose your search criteria and then key-in the keyword or the job title of the type of job you are looking for.
• Click the button that says “search”.
• Browse through the available job opportunities which match with your search criteria.
• If you want to filter the search page, then make use of the filters on the left hand corner of the page.
• Once you found the job opportunity you are looking for, click on the link that says “Apply Online”. is so easy to use for everyone. In fact, searching and applying for jobs on the site is so easy and the process of signing up for an account will not take up much of your time. So if you are currently in need of jobs, then refer to the steps above.