Ask for your Mail to Be Redelivered – US Postal Service

The USPS or US Postal Service runs a website called, which provides redelivering services that allow the people of the United States to have their mails and packages to be redelivered in case they miss out on the schedule of the delivery. There are times when the USPS would deliver packages to some recipients that would need a signature. If in the event that you are not at home at that time of the delivery, what they will do is leave a piece of paper indicating that they have attempted to deliver your packages on that day. When you log on to, you will be able to choose when you want your packages or mails to be redelivered.

All about the US Postal Service

The US Postal Service, more popularly known as the USPS, is among the oldest Federal agencies in the United States and is the only agency that’s mandated specifically in the US Constitution. The US Postal Service was established in the year 1775 by the famous Benjamin Franklin and right now, they have almost 600,000 employees working for them and is said to deliver about a million of parcels every year. And in order to provide the best service to the residents of the United States, they have come up with a redelivery service site which can be accessed at

Step By Step Process of Requesting for a Redelivery of Missed Mail from the US Postal Service

Please note that the redelivery service is only accessible if you are connected to the Internet. Moreover, you need to have that small piece of paper which USPS has left in your doorstep indicating that they have attempted to deliver something. This is how to do it.

• Go to the redelivery service site by logging on to

• Provide your name and complete address on the required fields and then provide the article number written on the paper that you have. You need to also indicate if that is your final notice.
• Indicate the date when you want the package to be redelivered and click the submit button.
• If you need assistance on using the website, refer to the FAQ section of the site.

By requesting for a redelivery of your package at, the USPS will be able to deliver your package at that time when you are available. Thus, you will not be frustrated or worried about not receiving your parcel especially if it is something very important.