www.violationinfo.com::Pay Traffic Tickets Online

If you have a traffic ticket that you want to pay without having to go to the town hall or if you want to find out details about a traffic ticket that you might have received, you can now do it online, at www.violationinfo.com. The sections below will briefly explain how the site can be used by users who have received traffic tickets.


Paying a traffic ticket online

At the website, you will be able to use MasterCard, Visa and Discover debit and credit cards to pay off your traffic citations. To let the system identify your traffic violation, you will need to enter your notice or citation number, in the space provided at the website, when you click on the Pay Ticket tab.

Once you make an online payment, you will receive an e-receipt that you can retain for your records.

How you can view images or video of your violation?

If you have received a red light violation, the database at www.violationinfo.com will most likely have a video grab or image of you running the red light. To view this image or video, simply use your notice or citation number again. You will also need a PIN number to view video or image that is associated with your traffic violation.

Disputing a ticket online

If you feel that the traffic ticket you received was unjustly awarded to you, you may dispute it at the website. There are two occasions where you might want to dispute a traffic ticket. First, you might want to dispute a traffic ticket when you think that the traffic system on the road has erroneously recorded you as committing a violation, when in fact you might have not carried out any such violation.

Secondly, you might want to dispute a traffic ticket if you know that someone else other than you was driving your car when the traffic violation occurred. As an example, it is very possible for friends, family members or even employees to use your car, to commit a traffic violation. In such cases, the dispute system will allow you to transfer the fine to the person involved.

Reading through the site’s FAQ to find all answers to questions about your traffic ticket

At www.violationinfo.com, they have compiled a long list of FAQs that will allow you to find answers to all possible questions about your traffic ticket. FAQs are broken up as questions regarding payments, disputes and general information.