ITTS and Pre-GED – Online Educational System

Those who enrolled for ITTS and Pre-GED which McGraw Hill is offering should log on to in order to join the classes offered by online instructors. In case you are wondering what ITTS and Pre-GED courses are, then read the following information below.

McGraw Hill’s ITTS (Instruction Targeted for TABE Success)

ITTS means Instruction Targeted for TABE Success, which is a technical oriented degree program offered by McGraw Hill to some online students. This is a comprehensive e-learning system that is offered for adults and is accessible at This online educational system also comprises of exams and tests that are designed to measure the skills often found on the basic education curriculum. Among the subjects taught on this educational system are:

• Mathematics
• Language
• Reading
• Spelling

All in all, there are a total of 281 interactive lessons as well as 716 assessment tests which students are expected to take up at the

McGraw Hill’s Pre-GED (General Education Development)

Aside from the ITTS, McGraw-Hill Contemporary also offers the Pre-GED online interactive instruction on writing, reading, science, math, as well as social studies for adults who do not have sufficient reading ability to work on General Education Development (GED) levels. Sample lessons for this online educational system can be accessed at

Goal of the Pre-GED Online Education

The Pre-GED online education is recommended for those who are interested on a self study distance learning education. Students on this online course will have access to a web based program which they can take in the form of pre-tests, thought interactive materials and by answering quizzes, tests as well as post tests.

The main goal of is to help those who are struggling on reading the English language and the online portal gives students access to more than 700 word glossary in both English as well as Spanish languages. Students will simply click on the audio icons to listen to the pronunciation as well as the definition of each word.

How to Access the Website

1. First of all, log on to
2. Provide your login information.
3. Key-in your login ID, which you will get from your instructor.
4. Provide the password which you will also obtain from the instructor.
5. After you provide your login ID as well as your password, click “Submit” to begin using the site.
6. You will then be taken to a page where you will be provided with the list of classes.
7. Simply click on the “launch” button of the appropriate class to begin.
8. On this same page of, you will also be able to view your subjects.