Florida’s Health Department::how to renew their license

The www.flhealthsource.com renew link is designed for medical practitioners of Florida’s Health Department to use when they need to renew their license. Flheathsource.com is the official website of the Department of Health of Florida which comprises of medical practitioners that are known to offer healthcare services to the residents of the state of Florida.

Working along with 6 councils and 22 boards, the Medical Quality Assurance Services (MQA), regulates and licenses seven different kinds of medical facilities including 200 plus licenses in more than 40 healthcare professions.

Process of Renewal

If you are a medical practitioner practicing for Florida’s Health Department and you want to renew your license, all you need to do is to access the www.flhealthsource.com renew link. After you click on this link, you will be taken to a page that will ask you the following information:

• Your profession
• Your User ID
• Your Password

Existing Licensee

For practitioners that have an existing license, they should refer to the instructions found under the Existing Licensee. As per instructions, their user ID as well as password was mailed to them along with their initial physical license. If you are not sure how this looks like, there is a link there that you can click in order to view a sample of such document.

For Applicants

For those who are not a holder of any license yet and are still in the process of renewing their license, the board office will mail them with a deficiency letter. Before they can use the www.flhealthsource.com renew link, they would need to refer to the letter for their user ID and password. Take note that letters of deficiency are forwarded to applicants who still needs to submit other requirements before their application will be completed.

Get Log in Help

For individuals that would need to use their file number to log in, they should refer to the Get Log-in Help section of the www.flhealthsource.com renew link. This is also where individuals would have to refer to when they do not know what their user ID and password is. They will have to answer some security questions before they can obtain their user ID and password. This is for the protection of their account.

Account Locked

For those who cannot access the www.flhealthsource.com renew link because their account was locked, they should send an email to Licensure_Services@doh.state.fl.us and within 24 hours, their user ID and password will be sent to them.